Orleans Home Fragrance


    History of Orleans Home Fragrances

    In 2002, three friends united by fifty years of friendship combined their talents and creativity to design a home fragrance company like no other. They knew they wanted to create a brand with unique fragrances that brought to life one of their favorite cities: New Orleans. Orleans Home Fragrances was crafted to make a product that was unique to the industry, providing high-end and fragrant products that tell a story.

    Our products have evolved and been perfected in our 16 years of serving our customers. All candles are hand-poured and delicately crafted. Our room sprays and scented oils make a statement and are beautifully long lasting. Our Nu Wash fine laundry detergent is designed to indulge your senses and drench your laundry in lasting freshness.

    We exist to serve your home and bring joy to your space!

    21 products

    21 products