Treasure Jewels


    Treasure Jewels, a Colombian and United States based company, specializes in one-of-a-kind jewelry, handcrafted by Colombian artisans and manufactured along the colorful coasts of Colombia.

    Each piece of the Treasure Jewels collection is crafted by a local group of Colombian women, many of who are single mothers seeking to support their families. By employing these talented artisans, Treasure Jewels is helping to preserve a variety of traditional artforms passed down through several generations, while also creating an economic impact for this community of artisans.

    Treasure Jewel’s designs are influenced by the rich, colorful culture of Colombia and South America. Treasure Jewel’s metal smith jewelers work with alambrismo techniques, 24-kt. gold triple plated metals, and natural stones. All of these influences combined help Treasure Jewels deliver show-stopping collections each season. 

    21 products

    21 products